Icons and Sacred Images by Heather Williams Durka
Detail of a Saint by Heather Williams Durka
Detail of a Saint
Walk In The Woods
Mary Magdalene by Heather Williams Durka
Mary Magdalene

Artist's Statement
Using the modern medium of acrylics for the ancient sacred art of iconography is a relationship of soul & body, discipline & prayer, technique & artistry.  I work through the Sacred Eco-system, which begins with heaven touching earth through the Divine Liturgy.  It flows through the light reflecting off the conifers surrounding my studio, the temperature & humidity in the air, how finely the pigments have been ground and blended in the paint, to become a visual prayer -- a window into heaven.

I work like a scribe when I write traditional icons, because they are scriptures in color, structured by the canons of the Eastern Orthodox Church -- not my artistic muse.  I also create original artwork which I name sacred images.  The painting of Mary Magdalene, as shown above, is my newest example.  Sacred images open other windows that invite the minds eye of the viewer to dwell in a place of beauty and repose.  It is my prayer that Icons and Sacred Images will bless your spiritual journey.


About Heather Williams Durka
Heather works in a studio that also serves as a small chapel in the woods of the Pacific Northwest -- a connection to the earth and prayer that daily inspires her creativity.

Since 1992, she has been painting icons in acrylics.  Her choice of this medium is deliberately inclusive of contemporary materials.  She has taken the technique of using acrylics for iconography to the highest level.

Her icons are in the collections of many churches in the United States and abroad - Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox.  She has been leading iconography retreats since 2000.  Heather belongs to the Oriental Orthodox Church, a Christian faith tradition with roots in the Middle East and India.